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Stop looking for clients and leave the task to us, we will target all interested clients

Start your business success story with us, we are Google’s certified partners in Google Ads



Tired of wasting your money on failed marketing campaigns?

Are you still confused about how to properly market your services or products?

Do you have a problem targeting the right customers who want your services and products?

Google Ads Agency

You have reached the last and best solutions with us, we will solve marketing problems with the innovative program “Google Ads“, which aims to deliver your target customers to your services and products at the lowest possible cost.

What is google ads service?

In 2008, Google launched an advertising program called Google AdWords. The main idea of ​​this program is to speed up the process of finding searchers in Google search engines what they want from products or services and showing them on the first page of search results , when the searcher searches for Its product and services are in one of the keywords that target the advertised product or service, and this service is calculated on the advertiser according to the method of his advertisement by clicks or number of impressions or by the daily budget according to his targeting.

Best Google advertising services ever

Google's advertising services are the best among its peers of marketing and advertising, due to several factors, most notably:

  • 1- The strength of Google company:

      Google is a giant technology company in the world, as it develops the program periodically in order to improve service standards and make it permanently meet the demands of researchers.  
  • 2- Turned the scales upside down.

    This marketing service has turned all the standards of marketing upside down. It is known in all traditional marketing methods that the owner of the product and service promotes his products and services and searches for customers, but when Google ads appeared, they reflected the idea and made the person who wanted the product or service search for them and the person who provided the services, so the buyer became looking for the merchant and followed him, not the other way around.
  • 3- Lowest cost ever:

    When comparing Google ads with their counterparts in e-marketing or traditional marketing, we find that they are less expensive. In traditional methods, the proportion of the economic feasibility study in the money spent is modest compared to Google ads, as Google ads can control your budget and pay for a specific action, for example, but not limited to (visit the website / contact / download an application) while other methods are paid public money for general marketing without very precise identification, such as the Google advertising program.
  • 4- Best in targeting

    The Google advertising program is designed to be one of the most accurate e-marketing programs in targeting its customers, as the Google advertising program allows you to target your customers with precision as you can target several factors, for example, but not limited (a specific geographic location / age / gender / marital status / interests Searchers / type of devices eligible for advertising / certain days and hours to display the ad) and show your ad to them according to your targeting.
  • 5- Increase brand awareness:

    Google’s advertising program aims to increase user’s awareness of your brand and make it the first choice among competitors for your products and services, and distinguish it from the rest by making it truly relevant in people’s minds when they think of acquiring a particular service or product.
  • 6- Get to the goal quickly:

    The Google advertising program influences users to make purchases through enthusiastic and urgent phrases to complete purchases, for example (the last 3 days on 40% discounts – buy a piece and get a second for free …. etc.)
  • 7- measure your success

    With the Google advertising program, you can measure the performance of the success of your marketing campaigns with all care and professionalism through several factors, most notably. A- Each process of clicking on your ad led to how many transactions (purchasing a product / phone call / downloading an application … etc.) and measuring your profits with ease. B- Comparing marketing expenses with net profits and calculating net income by comparing the cost of clicks and purchases or subscription to the service. C- What are the ads that lead to greater interaction by users and that bring you more purchases than others and focus on them? D- Knowing the best research words that bring you more sales and achieve a better financial return at the lowest costs. E- Determine the target group that achieves more sales than its counterparts, for example (gender male or female / the appropriate age group for your products or services / marital status / interests).

What distinguishes us from others

The Saudi Publicity of sites Advertising Corporation is characterized by several factors that make it the first and last choice for those interested in Google ads and subscribing to them. Here are the most prominent of these factors:

1)   Professionalism: We are distinguished by professionalism in the work of Google ads, due to our 10 years of experience in implementing Google ads, developing skills, and following the latest updates that Google launches

2) Reliability: We are an official certified partner in Google Ads approved in Saudi Arabia, and this partnership is not easily given to any commercial establishment, but there are requirements imposed by the Google Advertising Company to give this badge, and we are proudly considered one of the companies that obtained it among the very few obtained in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we have Partner badge at the bottom of the page.

3) Achieve the goal: From our experience, we listen to you well and understand your product and services. We analyze competitors, high-accuracy analysis, and monitor the mistakes that competitors make, and we bypass them by making an advertising plan that achieves your goals and reaches your customers in the fastest time and at the lowest possible cost.

4) Writing professional content:  The main focus of Google ads is the content of the advertisement, which, according to studies, contains 80% of the researcher’s conviction to click on the advertiser’s advertisement and go to the advertiser’s page or carry out a specific command, for example (calling / sending a text message / downloading an application / subscribing to the newsletter news …..etc.) and we are distinguished by the content by virtue of the fact that we know most of the popular dialects and marketing terms in Saudi Arabia, so we formulate the advertisement in an effective and attractive manner that mimics the requirements of the researcher by enticing the customer with the product or service by offering or reducing, which makes him speed up his decision Without looking at competitors in other ads.

5)  Our credibility: We are distinguished by our credibility in Google ads. The Google advertising program may not be suitable for you, and we will not advertise to you in this program if it does not meet certain conditions, for example, but not limited to:

1-    The number of searches for your products and services, are they enough to make them suitable to start the campaign?

2-    Is your website ready and fully compatible with Google ads and meets the full requirements or not?

3-    Study the net profits with the costs of the marketing campaign

If there are no strong searches for your products or services on Google, in this case we will not waste your time and money and we will advertise to you on popular promotional sites such as Facebook – Twitter – Instagram and others. This is done by communicating with one of our certified experts in the Google program, and all data and details about the product and services are taken, and then you will be informed that your services and products are eligible for Google ads or not.

6)   Our achievements: We are not new to Google ads. We have honestly and credibly experience since 2010 in this field and we have achieved success stories for many of our clients and proved that our words precede our actions. We have put all the testimonials and evaluations of our customers on the Haraj site and a Maroof site of the Ministry of Commerce for the credibility of the evaluations.As you know, many of the evaluations are fake, and some evaluate themselves through acquaintances or relatives, but we chose the Haraj site, because the evaluations are subject of two main factors that make them more credible in Saudi Arabia At first: The one who evaluates must be registered on the Haraj site More than 3 months The second factor is: great oath to God that the evaluation is based on a real purchase and there is no relationship between you and the seller. You can view our ratings by clicking on the Haraj website

What our customers said about us



Ready to go

After making sure that your products and services are eligible for Google ads and that your website is fully ready to start Google ads, and after studying the search words, one of our experts in Google Ads will contact you to coordinate, adjust and create the campaign settings for you. To help us better and faster, we have created a Google Ads Request Form that will save us a lot of time if you fill it out and send it to us, where we will review it and send you the mechanism of agreement, contract and price offer immediately and quickly.

Why should you choose PFS?

Ad’s up has a team of specialists who are passionate about managing and setting up AdWords strategies. We provide you with one, Traffic Manager, Google certified, who is fully dedicated to your campaigns. There is no intern monitor account here! We work closely with regularly host Google for Pros sessions to share AdWords innovations with the public. And never miss that PFS is the premier Google AdWords certified agency in Saudi Arabia!

Do you always have to appear at the top of the search results?

Being at the top of the search results is often what advertisers like. But it’s not always the best strategy. Our aim is to bring you to the maximum amount of qualified traffic, all that to achieve the goals we set together. If you appear too high up, you may achieve the financial goal expected (ROI target).

How long have you been around?

Publicity For Sites (PFS) agency was founded in 2010. For 10 years, we have been improving sites in general and pay-per-click campaigns in particular. And in just a few years, our organization has seen the multiplication of teams, technological tools and experts to meet the demand and provide the highest quality service!

How does ad spend work?

You will pay for clicks that your advertise gets, that is based on the interest it receives. This called Cost-Per-Click strategy or CPC advertising.  We tell Google Ads the maximum amount you are willing to pay for every click on your ad (this known as your maximum CPC), but you may charge less. In short, you will control your Google Ads budget. And You will decide the average amount to spend each day.

Can I advertise multiple landing pages?

Yes, you can, but to advertise multiple landing pages, you must choose the upgrade of our Pro plan. With our Pro plan, you can create ad campaigns for each of your landing pages.