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  • You are here probably because you want to increase your business revenues, correct?

    Having a website but not getting sales out of it is a sign that your website is not optimized to be indexed or gain visibility in the search results pages.  One of the purposes of Search Engine Optimization is increasing Your Website visibility in search engines so that it is easily found by potential customers who need your product/service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the ranking of a website or web page in non-paid, it’s also known as “organic”, search engine results. SEO combines technical aspect that influence search engine ranking and can be broken down into three main areas: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and violations.

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Search Engine Optimization Explained

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process of improving a website’s visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase the number and quality of human visitors coming to your website. It is about providing useful and relevant information for search enquiries that relate to people search intent and getting potential customers who are in the “purchase mode” to find your solution or product on the web.

Search Engine Experience

At a deeper level, SEO is about Satisfying human searchers needs in the search results in the form of answers and solutions to their problems and the better your website gets at fulfilling searchers queries the higher it will rank and gain more visibility and more conversions or buyers as a result.

Meet Your Potential Customers.. Anytime.. Anywhere..

Successful Search engine optimization strategy connects the seller with potential customers anywhere along the buying journey “micro-moments” from the research phase where you provide them with useful information related to your product or industry till the moment, they decide to buy your product or use your service.

Why you should choose us?

Archiving your site requires a special effort to be done optimally in order to get a good rating from Google.

In turn, we will provide all the conditions and procedures so that we can tell Google about your site and your updates and save them in the search archive, among these steps:

  • Create a sitemap (sitemap html- xml) and send it to Google, it is one of the most factors that help Google to crawl inside your site easily and archive all your pages and data.
  • Create an account for you in Google Analytics, Google console, webmaster tools, where you can make sure that Google crawls towards your site and continues to archive your pages, files and updates.
  • Use social media to share links to your site and advertise it.
  • Clean codes and pay attention not to overuse codes and the proportion in the HTML.
  • Make external links to your site, which in turn speed up the work of archiving your site, on large and famous pages and sites.
  • Working to improve the speed of your site, because it is one of the important factors that help in the speed of archiving your site.
  • Work on linking your internal pages, so that it is easy to crawl inside your site and reach all pages and link similar pages.
  • Facilitate the process of navigating within your site freely, as the process of entering and exiting each page and section within the site is easy and smooth.
  • Ensure that the content on your site is attractive, renewed and appropriate for visitors and for the type of your site. Content is the most important SEO point, which makes your site quick and easy to archive and appear in search engines.

Why Should You work with Us?

Digital Experience

We have been providing digital marketing and SEO services for over 10 years and our client base includes some well known public figures and reputable brands

Continuous improvement

Our team of SEO professionals are continuously learning and honing their skills in the field and keeping up with industry updates.

Legitimate Results

We do not settle for less than ideal when it comes to realizing our client goals and with our experience and dedication to produce long term unrivaled success for our partners.

Data Reporting

We assess and refine our tactics with fresh real-time data and use it to improve our SEO strategy and produce actual results

How Search Engine Optimization Process Look like?

  • Client Meeting

      Successful search engine optimization begins with a clear digital strategy to alight SEO efforts with a marketing focus and business goals  
  • Website Audit

      Conducting website analysis to identify fixed and specific SEO tasks.  
  • On-Site Optimization

      Page level tasks including keyword targeting, competitive market analysis and identifying important niche and product topics that attract visitors and convert them into buyers  
  • Off-Site Optimization

      Building ties and earning links with industry trusted domains and social platforms is crucial for a website to gain priority ranks in the Search results pages.  
  • Technical SEO

      Other important website ranking factors such as page speed and mobile friendliness are checked and corrected.  
  • Geo- SEO

      Attract potential customers online by listing your company details in local maps and reach larger segments of audience across multiple locations locally and globally.  
  • Reporting

      Performing regular website checks to gain insights and take remedial actions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO optional?

After creating your site and launching it on the web, you will feel happy, but after a few months you will start asking why it is not showing up in search results.

The worst thing is that you will wonder why you allocate all your budget to your website because it doesn’t deliver what you expected. In short, without SEO, you will not appear on the first pages and you will be disappointed about the profits

Organic or Paid traffic, which is better?

Paid clicks (Pay-per-click) produces faster results that are instant, Organic or free traffic takes  relatively longer to produce significant conversions but lasting results and depending on your goals you may need paid or organic traffic or both!

What KPI used for measuring SEO ?

Pages Rankings in Search Results for targeted keywords, conversions (sales), average time spent on page, overall website SEO score, number of CTR ‘’Click through rates” and many other factors that used to gauge website SEO health in the large frame of business goals and marketing focus.

How long before I see actual sales from SEO?

6 months or longer.

Does SEO improve ROI?

Absolutely! It may take time but it is viable investment with great rewards.

Can I do SEO myself?

Yes! You can start learning SEO by reading Google webmaster guidelines However, it takes time and effort so if you are busy you may want to hire an SEO specialist to do it for you.

What is the significance of PFS as an SEO Agency?

Our role as a search engine optimization agency (SEO) is to help you increase traffic to your website by developing strategies appropriate to your needs and problems and then planning, implementing and monitoring the results.

Can you review the search rankings and online presence of my website?

We are reviewing your search rankings today to bring you more business and make your online presence beneficial.


We can help by reviewing your online presence, and providing recommendations and reports as follows:


  • SEO reports against your competitors
  • Website Audits
  • Looking at your brand online


We also make sure that the right tools are in place and that all accounts are linked together to get the most out of your website.

Does SEO means creat a new website?

This can be often modified without making a site overhaul. SEO is not only affected by the content, but also by the technical nature of your website (like hosting) and your CMS. We offer you the best integrated SEO services.

How do I monitor SEO results?

We always strive to communicate the results to you in a clear and transparent manner. We provide you with a Google Data Studio dashboard designed for each of our clients according to the agreed goals. You have access to data that lets you know if the work done so far is actually paying off.

What distinguishes us from others?

We are a Publicity for sites agency, working in search engine optimization (SEO) based in Saudi Arabia. We build SEO strategies for your SEO. We are committed to maintaining a relationship of complete trust with our clients.

We prohibit so-called “Black Hat” methods and try to get as close as possible to Google’s guidelines for webmasters.

We are also Google’s partners in search engine optimization, and we have a certificate on our website can proves that. We have more than ten years of experience, in addition to the distinguished evaluation of our customers for us.